Expert blockchain consulting and development services.

Key Services are:

Technology Services & Product Engineering:

SpectraMind provides technology consulting, new product design, development, and testing services for the Banking , Insurance, healthcare, telecom and transportation industries.We address the complete product development lifecycle from R&D, new product development and testing to maintenance engineering for Blockchain and We work with leading networking & communications product manufacturers for product development, test, and maintenance and support services.


SpectaMind creates innovative products, services and experiences to build brands and help businesses grow. By intersecting design and technology, we help clients globally to bring new ideas and products to market. Our services span across research and strategy, all the way up to Design, Visualisation – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and is supported by a network of design studios, development centers and offices worldwide. We offer innovative, cost-effective and scalable solutions that enable brands to differentiate and win.

Systems Integration Services :

SpectraMind implements and integrates complete systems and solutions for High-Performance Computing, Servicenow, Virtual Reality, Storage, and Disaster Recovery. We also provide Professional Services for maintenance and support of IT infrastructure in India and overseas.

Exams provider Services :

We are a prospective center and offer on-demand Certification exams. We provide An innovative Service for paper based exams and Internet based exams across India and Abroad. We provide a services to conduct exams that works perfectly on any device like mobile, tab, laptop, desktop, and on any platform like i.e Windows, Mac or Linux.

We provide Consulting Services in the area of:

  • ICO-Token Branding and Marketinkg Consulting
  • Testing Management Consulting (Mobile Testing / Blockchain Testing / RPA testing / IoT Testing…etc)
  • There are some pretty good tools and frameworks being developed that can help with both development and testing.

    1. Ethereum

    Ethereum is the best-known blockchain (other than Bitcoin), and it has some great frameworks for developing applications, many of which have libraries baked in to make testing fairly easy.

    2. Ethereum Tester

    Simply put, Ethereum Tester provides tools for testing Ethereum-based applications.


    Truffle bills itself as the most popular Ethereum development framework, and based on its 4,288 stars on GitHub it, clearly is popular.

    It’s a development framework that has testing functionality, like the ability to write automated tests for your contracts in both JavaScript and Solidity and get your contracts developed quickly. It also works with popular test runners like Mocha and Chai.

    4. Ganache (formally Testrpc)

    Before you release your blockchain application to production, it’s important that you test it locally. Ganache is the most-used library for testing Ethereum contracts locally. It works by spinning up a kind of mock blockchain that gives you access to accounts you can use for testing.

    This tool doesn’t feel that it conveys the same latency you get on a live system, doesn’t really replicate real-world scenarios for the time things take and so on. But it’s enough to let you compile a contract, deploy it, determine its cost, and debug it locally.

    5. Populus

    For testers who prefer Python, the Populus framework provides some powerful utilities for testing blockchain contracts. Testing in Populus is powered by the Python testing framework py.test.

    6. Manticore

    Manticore is a symbolic execution tool for analysis of binaries and smart contracts. Manticore enables human-assisted analysis and the automatic detection of vulnerabilities.

    7. Hyperledger Composer

    Hyperledger Composer is an open-source development tool that contains many functions to help build blockchain applications. Some of those features also help with testing. More specifically, it supports three types of testing: interactive testing, automated unit testing and automated system testing.

    It has a command-line interface that provides commands allowing you to easily run interactive “smoke tests” to ensure the deployment was successful. This also makes it easy to execute tests in a CI/D system.

    System tests can also be created using Docker Compose and Mocha/Chai. You can start a runtime and deploy your business network definition, then programmatically create assets, submit transactions and inspect the state of asset registries.

    8. Exonum Testkit

    Testkit for Exonum Blockchain is a framework that allows you to test the operation of the whole service. Specifically, it allows you to test transaction execution and APIs in the synchronous environment (without consensus algorithm) and in the same system process.

    9. Embark Framework

    Embark is another popular framework for building, testing and deploying your app. It’s a framework that allows you to easily develop and deploy decentralized applications (DApps).

    10. Corda Testing Tools

    Corda is a blockchain-inspired, open-source distributed ledger platform. It has a built-in testing feature to help with.

    We also Offer

    1. Development of Blockchain Use Case: By taking a very business and product-centric view, SpectraMind are able to develop use cases which incorporate the customer, regulation, technology, data and process triggers.

    2. Proof of Concept (POC): Identification of data sources, appropriate metrics and advanced technology components required to deliver a POC that validates the solutions required. Delivery of POC thereon (on SpectraMind or Client infrastructure).

    3. Blockchain Proposal: By utilising the knowledge and experience that SpectraMind has of operating models and business integration we then provide a proposal on how blockchain can be best used strategically within the Client’s organization.

    4. Programme Delivery: End to end programme delivery of business, data and technical architecture that underpins the blockchain capability.

    For more information on our Blockchain test solutions : pls email :

  • Blockchain Consulting
  • We can help an established business pivot to a blockchain solution, whether as a new product, a bolt-on to an existing product, or as a means of improving operational efficiency. We have no allegiance to any particular form of the blockchain, and can help you determine which best fits your needs–and we can connect you with various third-party service providers throughout the industry.

    You'll find the full spectrum of blockchain technology in one company, as our teams operate in multiple disciplines. This includes low level kernel optimization in hardware near mining operation and data centre build outs

    We cover the industry standards when it comes to token and protocol creation, being proficient in a variety of protocols such as Ethereum (ERC20 & ERC223), Bitcoin Core, Hyperledger. We also assist with custom smart contract development, dApps & API Integration, Customized Crypto Wallets, Swarm & Whisper Integration, ENS & uPort integration, and Security Penetration Testing and formalized code audits.

  • Business Analysis Consulting
  • Pain Points Analysis:

    Anything that impedes the day-to-day running of your business can be considered a pain point. You may be aware of yours already; you may consider them superficial. But the fact is that even the smallest looking problems can become serious over time, damaging your productivity and affecting your bottom line.

    At SpectraMind, our consultants will review the way your company works from end to end. They will interview your key stakeholders to learn about the challenges you face now and are likely to face in the future.

    We will identify your business pain points and their root causes, developing sustainable solutions that will support your business and promote future growth.

    Our solutions can be disruptive, requiring changes to your existing ways of working. But whatever we recommend - be it a technology solution or a change in procedure - we know that behind every problem is an opportunity and we’ll work with you to find and act on yours, developing solutions based on your suggestions and our knowledge.

    Data Quality Assessment:

    If your data is not routinely monitored and quality checked, then the consequences can be messy. Our data quality assessment team can banish those problems by offering an objective view of the issues affecting your business, making sure the right data is being captured and reported against.

    We’ll sit down with your key stakeholders to establish what is going wrong and why. We will analyse data extracts, scrutinise the processes behind it, make sure your data is being properly filtered for relevance, accuracy and significance, and we’ll come up with a new data management strategy.

    It may be necessary to look at other business process improvements, training and monitoring - or a simple technical fix may do the job - and we’ll help communicate the changes to all your users, so that your people know what you are aiming to achieve and will support it.

    Good quality sales data should be like gold dust to your organization. It should smooth the daily operation of your business, improve your margins and raise customer satisfaction.

    Understanding data quality is critical to your long-term success in business.

    As Is and To Be Analysis :

    When you’re looking to reinvent or revitalize your business, it’s hugely important to review your existing business processes, so you can be clear about where your business is now (as-is) and where you want to take it (to-be).

    Our people will conduct a review of your existing processes, working with you to understand the technology you are currently using, the teams involved, the way in which your business is structured and how it operates now.Documenting your current business state provides an essential foundation from which to build new enhancements or make business process improvements.

    We are then in a position to begin the more detailed work of establishing your key business objectives and expectations, as well as the scope of your requirements. At the same time, we’ll make sure your objectives are realistic and workable, precisely targeted and clearly communicated, with the full support of your key stakeholders. Strategic business analysis is the key to developing a clear and workable plan for bridging the gap - moving from your current business model to your target business model.

    Enabling Technology Implementation:

    A good business analyst can make the difference between success and failure on a complicated software implementation project. We’ll work with your key stakeholders and executives to formulate the business vision for your project, identifying the requirements, communicating them to your organization and translating them into something the development team can work with. With considerable experience of managing business change projects, our consultants will make sure your new technology assets are properly implemented. We’ll also coach and support your users on the new processes and other changes.

    Requirements and User Story Definition:

    User stories provide a snapshot of a requirement, which a user must complete - whether that person is an administrator or a customer - and these stories are revisited regularly, with a view to constant incremental improvement.Stories traditionally take the form of index cards - or perhaps Post-It notes - that can be seen by team members at all times, inviting constant revision and scrutiny, to the satisfaction of your stakeholders and execs and the achievement of your business goals. In larger businesses, it’s normally best to use a digital tool to hold stories.

    SpectraMind can help you explore the value of user stories and requirements - and support you as you design them in the drive towards business improvements. Our senior business analysts are able to provide consultancy services on a daily, weekly or long-term basis. We can provide additional resource to your existing team to manage workflow peaks, or, if your team requires support we can provide 'at-the-desk' coaching during key project milestones to help your team meet their goals.

    Some of the areas in which our team can assist are:

    • Agile / Scrum Requirements management
    • Assessment of Business Analysts Knowledge, Skills, and Experience
    • Business Case Development
    • Business case implementation
    • Data Modeling
    • Defining and articulating your business needs
    • Developing a Business Analysis "Centre of Excellence" (BACoE)
    • Developing solution specifications
    • Eliciting and documenting business requirements
    • Ensuring user acceptance testing validates the solution
    • Establishing processes to support your Business Analysts to gain industry accreditation.
    • Facilitating workshops (either as part of the team or as an independent facilitator)
    • Modeling your business and system processes
    • Organizational Business Analysis Maturity Assessment
    • Planning and conducting effective training
    • Project initiation and scoping
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Requirements gathering, elicitation & quality review
    • Requirements Planning / Management / Traceability
    • Tender Preparation / Evaluation
  • Business Process Mangement Consulting
  • SpectraMind Business Process Management (BPM) consulting services aim at addressing in depth process improvement and compliance requirements of an enterprise. SpectraMind prepares organizations to move towards business excellence through integrated model based software process improvement and assessment services. SpectraMind specialize in process designing, planning and implementation, which can help clients across various industries. Combined with industry standards, frameworks and new technology, SpectraMind Business Process Management helps clients automate processes and establish their Centre’s of excellence.

    SpectraMind works with each client to prioritize key processes based on the value at stake. For each priority process we develop a view of the current state based on operational data, using detailed process maps and analysis to help identify major gaps. We then work together with a cross-functional client team to define a series of principles that will guide the solution generation phase, and create a vision of the future state of each process from the ground up, along with the roadmap to achieve the near and long term results.

    We work very closely with our clients in this type of project, enlisting a team from all the functional areas impacted at the leadership and the solution generation level. This allows us to eliminate waste, unnecessary wait times, reports, handovers and sign-offs, while ensuring the integrity of the process.

    Some of the areas in which our team can assist are:

    1.Digital BPM Consulting-We help design the right experience and simplify digital operations that align with your broader digital strategy. Besides, we strive to achieve the right balance between engagement and efficiency

    2.Architecture advisory-We help define the right solution architecture by aligning the right mix of innovation, agility, reliability, and right cost. Our experts help with architecture assessment, BPM product fitment analysis, reference architecture, and solution architecture definition

    3.BPM implementation –As a BPM implementation services partner for industry-leading products, we deliver success with our expert pool of BPM talent and end-to-end program delivery frameworks

    4. 24x7 support –We ensure that BPM platforms are managed and operated on a 24x7 basis to provide a secure, high-performance platform for business. Multi-location delivery and Information Technology Infrastructure Library ( ITIL) based processes enable us to deliver within time and budget constraints

    5.BPM testing –Our testing services – tailored to BPM – focus on early defect detection, thereby reducing overall cost, and ensuring faster release cycles, and robust test automation framework

    6. Technology refresh –We have a unique set of tools and methods to make BPM upgrades more predictable, reliable, and cost effective. It includes upgrade assessment tools, upgrade methodology, estimation kits, and regression automation frameworks

  • Business Relationships Consulting
  • SpectraMind Business relationship management Consulting typically consist of :

    • We use “Dialogic” tools to surface dialog about business demand and IT supply maturity.
    • We “Owns” the client relationship.
    • We Use 6 Sigma tools, such as Value Stream Mapping, Voice of the Customer and Capability Analysis
    • We Acts as an escalation point when necessary.
    • We Co-creates with the client the approach to meeting needs and harnessing opportunities.
    • We Empower the engagement team and the Program and/or Project Managers.
    • We Ensures that the clients best interests are being served at all times.
    • We Use Frameworks to prioritize business needs and expectations based upon potential business value (e.g., Kano Model).
    • We Helps the client shape and clarify needs and opportunities.
    • We Identify what resources need to be brought to the table to address the needs.
    • We Meet with the client regularly to keep her informed.
    • We Meet with the engagement team regularly to monitor progress, understand potential barriers, and identify new opportunities.
    • We Use tools like Mind Mapping and Brainstorming.
    • We use Stakeholder Mapping to surface and leverage the network of ‘actors’ in a planned business change.
    • We use Strategy Tools such as Scenario Analysis and Strategy-on-a-Page.
  • Contract Management Consulting
  • Managing multiple contracts with varied spend can be time and cost-intensive. With growth, and an increase in suppliers, the need for contract compliance—from the creation of agreements, to requisitioning and generating purchase orders, through to invoicing and payments—increases. The frequency with which obligations must be actively monitored and managed is yet another complicating variable.Contracts are the lifeblood of any business. With regulatory requirements, risk management, and cost control high on executive agendas, many companies are looking for the increased management of contracts for enhanced visibility, control, and performance.

    Our team helps organizations effectively develop, negotiate, execute, and manage their contracts with the goals of reducing risk, realizing more revenue, and eliminating duplication and inefficiency.In addition to providing contracting support, we maintain our clients’ contract repository, contract uploading and meta-data entry. Besides, we track renewals and rebates, and manage contract compliance and reporting. As part of our unified procurement software platform, SMART by GEP contract simplifies and automates the entire contracting and contract administration process.

    Purpose-built for procurement professionals, SMART by GEP features collaborative authoring, template and clause libraries, alerts and event reminders, repository intelligence, and superior reporting capabilities. SpectrMind offers a wide range of implementation services focused on delivering end user satisfaction. These services are integrated as part of an overall project management plan to help our customer's leadership prepare employees to accept and adopt changes that will improve performance. Our clients include employers/purchasers, funders/lenders, insurers, contractors, subcontractors/works contractors and in-house/client appointed lawyers.

    Our diverse experience ranges from small works packages, single-house refurbishment projects and disputed accounts to multimillion pound claims, adjudications and international arbitrations. We operate across all sectors including property, education, sport, water, rail, highways, metros, oil and gas, petrochemicals and power projects and cover civil engineering, infrastructure and buildings contracts.

    SpectraMind Contract management Consulting typically consist of :

    • Change management
    • Claims and disputes
    • Contracts
    • Cutover support
    • Data conversion
    • Evidenced value
    • Interface development and installation
    • Program and project planning
  • Corporate Governance Consulting (Board Management)
  • Data Protection Governance Consulting(GDPR)
  • Datacenter Mangement Consulting
  • Digital Forensics Consulting (Encase)
  • Hospitality/Event Mangement Consulting (Conferences)
  • Bidding and Presales Consulting
  • Bid and proposal services are offered as part of the overall corporate support to our clients in helping them grow their company revenue base and profitability. Our attorneys can assist our clients in the decision to compete (capture decision), preparing their proposals and offering strategic analysis for determining the best approach for winning the contract bid. We have vast experience and its proven track record of successful government bids, proposals and effective grant writing services, your company can concentrate on executing the awarded contracts, instead of spending time tackling the obstacles in the bidding process. In fact, leave the bidding process to us and we will take care of your Government proposal/grant writing from cradle to grave. Our services include proposal writing and development, pricing strategies for capturing the bids, and assisting in preparing for best and final proposals and presentations.
  • Information security Consulting(PCI-DSS)
  • ITSM Consulting(Servicenow, Manage Engine)
  • We offer our customers effective solutions and services in deploying Service-Now solutions. Spectramind approaches each project with the highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance. Our knowledgeable work force facilitate the alignment of your organization's goals and industry standards.

    Spectramind's Service-Now On-Demand IT Service Management offerings:

    • OOB Application Development and Data Configuration
    • OOB Application Customization as per client requirement
    • Application Support
    • Service-Now Consulting and Implementation
    • Service-Now Integration(LDAP, Web Service, Email and many more)with other technologies
    • ServiceNow suite modules are displayed below:

      Spectramind offers skilled resources in many areas of Service-Now (SNC) implementation including:

    • Implementation, Development and Customization of Service-Now
    • Data Configuration, Migration and Up-gradation
    • Load testing, speed diagnostic
    • Troubleshooting & enhancements
    • Service-Now Integrations to 3rd party applications
    • Why Spectramind?

    • We have set of experts in integrating Service-Now ITSM Platform with different legacy and open applications.
    • Spectramind has a separate team for different integration options, like for LDAP we have a separate team; for MID Server Integration we have separate team and many more. Each team is highly experienced and knowledgeable to solve any difficulties under their domain. This expertise ensures organizations that we business goals will be achieved.
    • Our consultants help companies to implement B2B integration that will align IT services to the requirements of client's business.
    • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.
    • We have proven our skills in the area of Single Sign On, MID Server, LDAP, Import Set, Web Service integrations, which facilitates to achieve your organization's goals, industry compliance standards and provide high level user satisfaction.

  • Organizationals Change Management Consulting
  • Portfolio Asset Mangement Consulting(Murex,Calypso)
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Product management Consulting
  • Quality Management Consulting(Agile/ISO/CMMI/TMMI)
  • Risk and Compliance Consulting
  • Robotic Process Automation Consulting (Blueprism)
  • Strategy Management Consulting