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Service Now is changing the way people work. Spectramind excels in offering customers a range of effective solutions and services in deploying Service Now solutions. SpectraMind approaches each project with the highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance. Our knowledgeable work force facilitate the alignment of your organization’s goals and industry standards.

SpectraMind’s ServiceNow On-Demand IT Service Management offerings:

  • OOB Application Development and Data Configuration.
  • OOB Application Customization as per client requirement.
  • Application Support.
  • ServiceNow.com Consultancy Work.
  • ServiceNow.com Integration(LDAP, Web Service, Email and many more) with other technologies.

ServiceNow suite modules are displayed below.

Some of the Service Now reports that we have developed for our customers, are displayed below:


  • Implementation, Development and Customization of ServiceNow.
  • Domain Separation.
  • Data Configuration, Migration and Up-gradation.
  • Load testing, speed diagnostic.
  • Troubleshooting & enhancements.
  • ServiceNow.com Integrations to 3rd party applications like LogicMonitor, Topdesk etc.
  • Domain specific ESS portal customizations.


  • Service Management.
  • IT Operations Management.
  • IT Business Management.
  • Custom Application Development.


  • Application Management
  • Asset Management
  • Change Management
  • CMDB
  • Discovery
  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Mobile integration
  • Orchestration
  • Performance Analytics
  • Problem Management
  • Catalog/Service Request Management
  • Self Service Portal

SpectraMind team is also equipped to provide following ServiceNow services :

  • StartNow Methodology
  • Best Practices
  • Implementation Services
  • Product Readiness Services
  • Optimization Services

Benefits –

  • We have set of experts in integrating ServiceNow ITSM Platform with different legacy and open applications.
  • SpectraMind has separate teams for different integration options like LDAP, MID Server Integration and many more. Each team is highly experienced and knowledgeable to solve any difficulties under their domain. This expertise ensures organizations that the business goals will be achieved.
  • Our consultants help companies to implement B2B integration that will align IT services to the requirements of client’s business.
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance. We have proven track record in the area of Single Sign-On, MID Server, LDAP, Import Set, Web Service integrations, which facilitates to achieve your organization’s goals, industry compliance standards and provide high level user satisfaction.

Spectra Mind solutions Case Study 1

US Broad band Provider :ServiceNow integration for a leading wireless broadband provider


  • A leading provider of 4G wireless broadband services was using cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) from ServiceNow for their internal IT network of engineering and operation teams.
  • ServiceNow provided the client with a Network Trouble Management (NTM) system that automated project management for system enhancements and upgrades. It also managed incidents by proactively detecting faults in the network, creating tickets, and dispatching field operators.


  • The client wanted to expand ServiceNow’s ITSM solution externally for use by their clients across the country and required an expert ServiceNow technology consultant for the implementation. However, cloud-based ITSM is relatively new and expertise in ServiceNow is specific and distinctive. In addition, due to a new partnership in managed services announced in the spring, the client would be transferring day-to-day management of their 4G network to another company and required their ServiceNow NTM system to integrate with the partner company’s system by the end of the year.
  • The client turned to Spectramind Consulting for the right expertise to meet the company’s goals. Spectramind Consulting provided the client with a dynamic Principal ServiceNow Consultant who worked with the client’s teams of architects in three phases to complete ServiceNow expansion and integration over the course of a year.


  • September to December – Phase 1: Spectramind ‘sconsultant implemented change management, enhanced incident management, and expanded dispatch capability on the client’s current ServiceNow NTM system.
  • May – Phase 2: Spectramind ‘s consultant built in functionality for the property management teams who needed the NTM system to track lease agreements and invoices for each site with a cellular tower.
  • July to September – Final Phase: Following the transfer of network operations to the partner company, SPECTRAMIND helped integrate ServiceNow NTM with the partner’s tech management system, enabling the client’s technicians to be dispatched from the partner in full compliance with their agreement.


In all phases, Spectramind helped implement ServiceNow by:

1. Thoroughly understanding the client’s business needs and processes

2. Effectively leveraging ServiceNow’s functional and technical capabilities.

3. The integration with the partner company was completed in roughly half the time estimated by other consulting organizations. The work needed to be completed before the end of the year but was completed in only 10 weeks—three months early.

4. In addition, because of their expertise with ServiceNow, Spectramind was able to provide recommendations for future system enhancements to further reduce manual labor and streamline processes as well as the resources to execute.

Spectra Mind solutions Case Study 2

ServiceNow Strategic Roadmap and Implementation


  • A vertically integrated, full-service midstream provider of crude-oil and natural-gas logistics, water treatment services, and retail propane was structured to respond quickly to emerging growth options and had expanded considerably through acquisitions in its first several years.
  • As a rapidly growing firm, the company found the need to consolidate the way it delivers IT services across its organization with offices located throughout the United States. The company was using a variety of tools, including freeware IT systems management and helpdesk applications, at several locations that were not meeting IT needs for managing services. This resulted in inefficiencies and unnecessary hardware and support expenses. The company needed to drive improvement in the areas of incident management, change management, and fulfillment for requests coming into the IT organization.
  • Harmonizing and consolidating processes called for the implementation of a professional-level system with a more complete suite of services. After an extensive evaluation of ITSM solutions, the company chose ServiceNow.


  • Supplanting an inefficient ITSM solution with a more comprehensive, professional- level solution requires planning and expertise. Organizational change is the first of many obstacles to face.
  • For this implementation, planning needed to include an intricate review of processes from the old systems to decide which to migrate to ServiceNow, choosing additional tools and services for the initial implementation, and deriving a training plan to bring the staff up to speed on the new software. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, ServiceNow also required support planning to move from the on-site freeware solutions to a cloud-based solution.
  • The company needed a technology solutions partner to develop and implement a complete project roadmap to address these needs and drive best practices into the solution. Spectramind Consulting was selected based on its capability in ServiceNow implementations and the deep expertise in IT Service Management to do it right.


  • The project was headed by Ram Krishan Tiwari, an Spectra mind Principal Consultant specializing in IT Service Management and Quality Excellence with more than 18 years of experience delivering IT solutions and certified in ServiceNow.

  • A small team, which included a developer also certified in ServiceNow, created the project roadmap and delivered the implementation in less than eight weeks. Spectramind ‘s agile approach to technology delivery enabled a very rapid and cost-effective solution, allowing the client company to bring the power of ServiceNow to its end users quickly.

  • The roadmap began with understanding the needs of the IT organization, which resulted in a very successful implementation of ServiceNow for the company’s incident, change, and request fulfillment processes.

  • Spectramind implemented and configured ServiceNow to address adaptations of ITIL processes for the company’s needs while avoiding specific customizations that would only add undue complexity to the project. For example, the company’s change-approval process was configured so that managers would be able to approve and finalize project work, and notification procedures were tailored to ensure that managers and end users are kept informed during incident resolution matters.


Approximately 500–600 users across four offices are now enjoying the benefits of ServiceNow. The system is already being leveraged for project management, the Project Office, general computing controls, and auditing functions.

Spectramind’s expertise in implementing ServiceNow solutions enabled more workflow intelligence and robust reporting capabilities to be built into the solution. Tasks can be sent out to various teams for fulfilling parts of a solution; for example, a single onboard request can drive different tasks across the organization that fulfill an entire order, as opposed to the order being one giant task. Dashboard features and refined home pages proved to be critical assets for project and functional management teams.

Because the solution is cloud-based, the need to host and manage internal infrastructure is negated, as ServiceNow hosts the software in its own datacenters. This provides enormous cost savings for the company, allowing the company to apply resources toward managing and improving ITSM processes.

Over time, Spectramind ‘s experience-driven implementation of ServiceNow will allow the company to scale its business without adding more IT headcount, allowing the company to grow and respond to future process needs regardless of its size. As a trusted partner, Spectramind provided best practices, Agile processes, and the depth of knowledge to provide a world-class ServiceNow implementation.

Spectra Mind solutions Case Study 3

Customer Issue Analysis & Resolution for New Cash Management System for TBC Bank Georgia


  • Founded in 1902,TBC Bank ,Georgia is the oldest and largest privately held bank in the Europe Headquartered in Tiblisi, Gerogia, the bank provides relationship-based commercial banking, private banking, trust administration and investment management services through more than 40 financial centers in Georgia and Turkey .
  • TBC Bank offers an integrated suite of online commercial services to regional companies, its most important customer base. In November 2013, the bank transitioned its legacy cash management system, which it had developed and customized over a period of 20 years, to a more modern solution. However, the transition was complex — despite months of planning and regular communications with clients prior to the transition, WA Trust experienced an unprecedented amount of customer calls and reported issues after the new system went live.
  • The conversion touched every commercial customer and process, particularly in the area of ACH (automated clearing house) transactions, which companies rely on to fulfill payroll to employees and payments to vendors. With a significant issue backlog, the bank’s internal resources were tasked well beyond normal working hours and responsibilities.


  • During the initial rush to assist customers through the transition, the bank realized it needed a mechanism to identify and prioritize gaps in the initial customer interactions, define usability issues, and most importantly, to provide a sense of security and credibility to its customers. Time was the most immediate factor, with customers demanding help on the first day the system went live, not understanding what was taking place or how to use the new platform. Although many customers ignored the bank’s pre-communications regarding the new system, TBC Bank took responsibility to resolve the problems.
  • The transition also highlighted a classic change-management issue: In spite of many hours of pre-conversion training, long-tenured bank employees who were comfortable with running the old system were significantly challenged by the change, requiring the bank to revisit its approach to internal processes.
  • TBC Bank found itself in unfamiliar territory. Seeking a consulting company with deep experience in complex transitions, the bank turned to Spectramind Consulting.


Following the implementation of the new system, Spectramind ‘s Consulting provided a fast and effective business analysis solution for TBC Bank, Spectramind ‘s goal was to help identify the remaining transition issues and enhance the bank’s communication channels to prevent similar issues in the future.

During the project, Spectramind business analysts:

  • Met with key people at the TBC Bank head office in Spokane, gaining a strong understanding of the platform, known issues, and customer expectations and workflows.
  • Performed a gap analysis to identify, categorize, and document patterns and processes to improve repeatable training as well as issue discovery/resolution.
  • Partnered with bank personnel to meet directly with customers to understand issues and help document solutions for future use.
  • Held a series of workshops to document and recommend improvement to customer-service processes.
  • Following a rapid and thorough analysis, Spectramind developed an exhaustive list of customer and internal issues. As part of this effort, Spectramind visited key customer locations with a TBC Bank commercial client services representative to work through the most pressing concerns together. This process drew highly positive customer feedback.
  • Following the consolidation of the issues, Spectramind facilitated sessions with key stakeholders at the bank to establish priorities and focus in on the most important platform issues. These issues were then brought to the software vendor’s attention at a three-day onsite visit with programmers, analysts and project managers from both sides.
  • A key element of the gap analysis was a thorough review of the bank’s internal processes. TBC Bank operations staff, personal services group, and front-line employees are located in different offices spread throughout the Pacific Northwest. As both new and existing customers are touched by each entity, Spectramind documented processes across all groups for each customer type, facilitated improvement workshops, and provided recommendations to improve processes and communications.


By providing a fresh set of eyes and objectivity to the online-banking transition project, Spectramind helped the bank to prioritize issues and strengthen relationships with its most important customer base. Customers have reported very high satisfaction with the bank’s willingness to invest in a process to listen to them and help solve their issues.

The gap analysis led to numerous rapid fixes to common issues, which were documented and communicated throughout TBC Bank . In addition, the technology vendor delivered fixes for the top 20 reported platform issues within three months of the gap analysis.

Internal processes and communication have received a tremendous spark from Spectramind ‘s expertise in business process analysis. One of Spectramind ‘s final recommendations to the bank was to develop a custom steering committee for large projects, which was quickly implemented. Documents have been redesigned for employees regarding new communication and training processes. The new communication channels opened as part of Spectramind ‘s analysis and process reform have reduced the “silo” effect and engendered new levels of trust between the bank’s regional offices.

TBC Bank plans to transition its online consumer banking platform to the same platform in late 2014, and the work provided by Spectramind ‘s will ensure a smooth transition. TBC Bank upper management made it mandatory that all bank employees transition to the platform by June 2 to gain familiarity with the product, share feedback, and head off potential issues before they occur. As many of the bank’s commercial customers are also users of its consumer online platform, these measures help strengthen the confidence level across the entire customer base.

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