Business Relationships Consulting

SpectraMind Business relationship management Consulting typically consist of :

  • We use “Dialogic” tools to surface dialog about business demand and IT supply maturity.
  • We “Owns” the client relationship.
  • We Use 6 Sigma tools, such as Value Stream Mapping, Voice of the Customer and Capability Analysis
  • We Acts as an escalation point when necessary.
  • We Co-creates with the client the approach to meeting needs and harnessing opportunities.
  • We Empower the engagement team and the Program and/or Project Managers.
  • We Ensures that the clients best interests are being served at all times.
  • We Use Frameworks to prioritize business needs and expectations based upon potential business value (e.g., Kano Model).
  • We Helps the client shape and clarify needs and opportunities.
  • We Identify what resources need to be brought to the table to address the needs.
  • We Meet with the client regularly to keep her informed.
  • We Meet with the engagement team regularly to monitor progress, understand potential barriers, and identify new opportunities.
  • We Use tools like Mind Mapping and Brainstorming.
  • We use Stakeholder Mapping to surface and leverage the network of ‘actors’ in a planned business change.
  • We use Strategy Tools such as Scenario Analysis and Strategy-on-a-Page.

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